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Research is an important part of the Section on Women’s Health. The advancement of women’s and men’s health physical therapy depends on research requiring the participation of investigators, research assistants, and participants. We invite you to become involved in research in one or more of these roles. Below you will find links to research projects which need participants, investigators, and/or research assistants. Some of these may offer payment for participation. Other links may inform you of available opportunities for independent study credit.

To learn about opportunities to participate, follow the links below.

This online resource is provided at no extra cost to members.  It is updated whenever new studies are sent to the SoWH.

Potential Research Participants

  • For more information about a specific study, please contact the contact person listed for that particular study.

Study Listing

  • The “Pelvic Pain Impact Questionnaire” asks questions to develop an understanding of what women with pelvic pain find painful, and the activities that are avoided because of the pain. It is a two-part study with no cost associated.

    This study is being conducted by an Australian research group. There is no conflict of interest or financial gain made by the SOWH or the sponsoring members. Promotion of this study was not solicited by the researchers.

  • To have a study listed on this website, submit your link and any information to be included to  Secili DeStefano at
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