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Whether you are a patient, employer, or fellow physical therapist our PT Locator is dedicated to helping you find a physical therapist near you! You may search for a physical therapist by city, state, ZIP code, and specialty.  The Physical Therapists listed in this locator are members of Section on Women’s Health that have opted in to be featured publicly in this directory. Please, read the Terms of Use below in regards to the use of our Physical Therapist Locator (PT Locator).


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We encourage your use of SoWH’s (Section on Women’s Health) online Physical Therapist (PT) Locator directory for professional networking purposes with your peers for guidance and insight on best practices and experiences in the physical therapy field. However, you are not permitted to use the SoWH name, or the name of a SoWH meeting, program, product, or service, in your communications with directory organizations in a way that implies the SoWH participates in, or approves of, the communication, or that implies SoWH endorsement or sponsorship of the content of your communications, without prior SoWH approval in writing.

The directory may not be used to sell or market a business, product, or service; to solicit contributions, sponsorships, or business opportunities; or for any unlawful use. The contents of the directory may not be used to generate mailing lists, e-mail lists, phone lists, or other lists for any commercial purposes. You agree not to solicit the members included on this list unless your solicitation is a direct result of having obtained the members’ contact information from another source in the ordinary course of your business. You agree not to release or sell the directory or its contents to any third parties. Nothing herein shall prohibit or limit the use of information generally available to the public.

 By accessing the Physical Therapist (PT) Locator directory, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


If you would like to get on PT Locator, please follow these Step-By-Step Instructions and update your listing. Listings are added/updated every 7 days. For assistance, questions, please contact [email protected].

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