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Elections are open until July 31st….VOTE TODAY!!!

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Elections are open until July 31st….VOTE TODAY!!! 


The slate is full and we need YOUR help to decide

the future of the Section on Women’s Health! 


Currently, only 4% of our membership has voted and we want your input to shape the future of the section.

Your voice is important!


                                                               Sarah Haag (View Candidate Profile)
  VICE PRESIDENT:                             Sandra Hilton (View Candidate Profile)
                                                               Carrie Pagliano (View Candidate Profile)
  TREASURER:                                    Uchenna Ossai (View Candidate Profile)
  DIRECTOR OF PRACTICE:                Jennifer Hungate (View Candidate Profile)
                                                                Sarina Dumbleton Beasley (View Candidate Profile)
  DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS:    Christina Holladay (View Candidate Profile)
                                                                Karla Wente (View Candidate Profile)
  DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION:              Lora Ann Mize (View Candidate Profile)
                                                                 Sarah Glesmann (View Candidate Profile)
  NOMINATING COMMITTEE:                 Bernadette Kamin (View Candidate Profile)
                                                                 Ashley Watts (View Candidate Profile)

 Election Survey

Enter Your Vote Here

* Voting is only open to SOWH Members.  In order to verify membership, voters must provide their SOWH membership ID at the end of the poll.

For all inquiries in regards to the Election process, please contact [email protected]

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