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State and Region Representatives


SoWH Regional Map

The SOWH state representative is a grass roots link to the Section.?  Please make sure your state rep knows the location of your practice and the type of patients you can treat so that she may direct potential patients appropriately.?  In addition to answering questions about the SOWH services, the state reps can also answer questions on local resources, state practice law and local reimbursement.?  If she can not answer your question, she knows who to refer you to.?  The SOWH is available to help.?  Please let us know how.

What Member Region Am I In?

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Region 1


Region 1- Northeast Coordinator, Laura Scheufele

Connecticut, Nancy Corvigno

District of Columbia, Lauren Wohl

Delaware, VACANT. Interested

Maine, VACANT. Interested

Maryland, Christine Cabelka

Massachusetts, Karlene Salguero

New Jersey, Sharon Arditti

New Hampshire, Janet Chamberlin

New York NYC, Long Island, Marilyn Freedman

New York West Region, VACANT. Interested

Pennsylvania, Megan Horeis

Rhode Island, Melissa Nassaney

Vermont, Deirdre Folsom


Region 2

map-iiRegion 2 – Southeast Coordinator, Shannon Fox

Alabama, VACANT. Interested

Arkansas, Laurel Sexton

Florida, Shayne Tarrance

Georgia, Blair Green

Kentucky, Carolyn Cebalo

Louisiana, Pamela Janssen

Mississippi, Sylvia McCandless

North Carolina, Amanda Biehl

Puerto Rico, VACANT. Interested

South Carolina, Dawn Chambers-Lynch

Tennessee, Tiffany Priest

Tennessee West, VACANT. Interested

Virginia, Jennifer Chu

West Virginia, Marnie Clemens


Region 3

map-iiiRegion 3- Midwest Coordinator, Julie Peterson

Illinois, Karen Weeks

Indiana, Stephanie Harms

Iowa, Elizabeth Trausch

Kansas, Jennifer Celso

Michigan, Bruce LaBreque

Minnesota, Deanne Nash

Missouri, Odilia Egbers, PT

Nebraska, Julie Peterson

North Dakota East, VACANT. Interested

North Dakota West, Elizabeth Jones

Ohio, Julie Brehm

South Dakota West, VACANT. Interested

South Dakota East, VACANT. Interested

Wisconsin, Jeanna Viramontes


Region 4

map-ivRegion 4- Southwest Coordinator, Diana Fassett

Arizona, Sara Strawn

California Northern, Rachel Gelman

California Southern, Karen Rose Brandon

Colorado, Cynthia Molloy

Hawaii, Jolene Smith

Nevada, Tina Baum

New Mexico, VACANT. Interested

Oklahoma, VACANT. Interested

Texas North, Pamela Jones

Texas South, Rhonda Stark

Utah, Ashley Nelson


Region 5


Region 5- Northwest Coordinator, Shannon Forrestall, MSPT


Idaho, Andrea Goldberger, PT

Montana, Linda Looser, PT, CLT-LANA, CES

Oregon, Diana Spring

Washington, VACANT. Interested

Washington – Virgin Islands – International, VACANT. Interested

Wyoming, Pam Mills

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