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Julie Jenner

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Julie JennerNominated for Position: EPSIG – Vice President
B.S in Health and Exercise Science, University of Oklahoma 2015; Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Central Arkansas 2018
Certifications: RYT-200 2015
Current Practice: Clinical practice in a variety of settings (PRN) including outpatient orthopedic, inpatient rehabilitation, acute care and home health.
Professional Awards and Contributions:
Section on Women’s Health President’s Award, 2018; Service Excellence Award
of the University of Central Arkansas, 2018; Peer-reviewed publication on lifelong/primary vaginismus as well as a poster presentation at CSM 2017;
Contributed to a publication by the SOWH Clinical Education Task Force
addressing clinical internships in women’s health, platform presentation at the
2017 Education Leadership Conference; Podcast Interview with PT Pintcast on
the Section on Women’s Health 40th Anniversary at CSM 2017; APTA Student
Assembly interview about SOWH SSIG structure, leadership and activities.
Previous Involvement in SoWH:
SOWH SSIG President, 2016-present; SOWH Membership Committee, 2016-
present (attended the Membership Committee conference in 2016); SOWH 40th
Anniversary Committee, 2016-2017; SOWH Clinical Education Task Force,
Previous Involvement in the APTA or State Chapter or other Sections:
Secretary of the Arkansas Physical Therapy Association SSIG, 2017-2018
Personal Statement:
Resignation and culture cannot go together. Likewise, the absence of involvement in organizations that elicit passion will not lead to the diverse, proactive profession that is sought after. My journey to women’s health PT began while traveling to Ghana with a team of gynecologists. I was able to assist with delivery in poor conditions, and I realized the importance of improving the field of women’s health. Because of these experiences, my personal vision is to develop a career that utilizes my passions to improve the human experience globally.
These opportunities eventually led to a leadership position as President of the Student SIG. In addition to providing over $16,000 in scholarships for students, we established monthly research discussions with experts on women’s health topics. By synergizing the talents of each director, our team provided educational opportunities for dozens of students, increased student membership by over 25%, and developed a culture of evidence appreciation. As I transition into the workforce, I am becoming aware of the unique needs of early professionals, including mentorship, financial resources, connection to a community of practitioners and continued education. As the VP of the EPSIG, I will apply my experience to create opportunities that add value to early professional membership.
While a variety of controversies arise when changes to the Section name and bylaws are proposed, it is clear to me that the membership has two consistent objectives: to be inclusive and to expand. With the current strategic plan in place, I believe the SoWH will be a leader in treating patients of all genders and ages, and we will extend our expertise worldwide.


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