Soon to be Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Claire Hamnett

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claire HamnettNominated for Position: SSIG – President
B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology – University of Massachusetts Amherst 2016
BA in Spanish – University of Massachusetts Amherst 2016
DPT – Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy – Expected May 2019 
Current Practice: 
Third year DPT student at Columbia University in New York City. Completing my Terminal Experiences in an outpatient orthopedic private practice and an outpatient women’s health private practice before graduating in May of 2019. 
Professional Awards & Contributions: 
Presenting a poster with classmates and Dr. Cynthia Chiarello, PT, PhD titled “Can Trunk Exercises Improve Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnant Women?” at Cornell’s annual rehabilitation research day 2018, and at CSM 2019.
Previous Involvement in SoWH: 
Assistant Director of Programming for the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG)
– February 2017-Present. I work with the director of programming and the entire board of directors to plan events for student involvement at the 3 national conferences each year. I helped to plan the SSIG’s CSM education session on Women’s Health Residencies for 2018, and am currently working on the SSIG’s CSM education session for 2019.
– Volunteered at the Women’s Health Booth at CSM 2017, NEXT 2017, NSC 2017, CSM 2018, and NSC 2018.
Previous Involvement in the APTA or State Chapter or other Sections:
Columbia University DPT Class of 2019 APTA Representative – September 2016-Present 
Personal Statement: 
I am pursuing a career in physical therapy solely because of my drive to become a Women’s Health physical therapist. Prior to physical therapy school, I was the office manager for a small Women’s Health clinic and saw first-hand what a privilege it is to be a part of a patient’s journey to reach their goals – especially in this often-overlooked field. Throughout physical therapy school, I have pursued every opportunity to immerse myself in the field and promote greater awareness of the power of this physical therapy specialty.
I am fortunate to have found my passion so early on in my career. With a little encouragement and empowerment from the SSIG, I believe many more physical therapy students would explore their interest in Women’s Health, and maybe find their passion too. Through serving on the board of directors for the SSIG for the last year and a half, I have had the privilege of sharing my enthusiasm for the field
with other students both on and off of the board of directors. Each time I make contact with the student membership through my work with the section, I am re-energized to continue to spread the knowledge of this field with anyone that will listen. I worked with the rest of the board of directors to create the mission and vision statements for this SSIG and hope to expand our reach to more interested students across the country. Students are the future of this ever-changing field of work and greater student engagement is tantamount to our success as a section. As president of the SSIG, I intend to continue to build upon our accomplishments as a board and foster a welcoming environment with the resources for students to discover how Women’s Health can play a role in their careers. 

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