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Oct. 3, 2018 | Sports Medicine Clarity Act Going to the President!

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Latest update from the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association)


October 3, 2018 – This afternoon the U.S. Senate passed on a vote of 93-6 a 5-year reauthorization for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Included in the FAA reauthorization, was APTA-supported language from H.R. 302/S. 808, the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act. The legislation is now headed to President Trump for signature.

This legislation will provide professional liability and coverage protections and portability for physical therapists, physicians, athletic trainers, and other licensed health care professionals who practice across state lines as they travel with professional and collegiate teams or other athletes and teams sanctioned by a national governing body.  The bipartisan legislation was introduced in the House by Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-KY) and Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), and in the Senate by Senator John Thune (R-SD) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

As you know, this has been a key piece of legislation that APTA and our members have actively advocated in support of for several years.  Thank YOU for all of your hard work, dedication, and advocacy on this important legislation.  Without your advocacy, none of this would have been possible.   Great job!






Why Menopause Should Matter to All of Us

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If you are a 30-year old woman, your hormones are already changing. By age 40, you may start feeling physical, emotional or physiological changes. Early planning, the right exercise and nutrition, and good evidence-based resources on hormone balance can prepare women for early symptoms of pre-menopause that usually start as their  babies are entering middle school, high school, or college. Most medical schools don’t offer adequate training on the menopause transition although it’s a universal female experience with symptoms starting up to 15 years earlier. Are you prepared to become one of the few resources available in your area where women can find the help they deserve?

Join Karen Litos and Karen Snowden for this novel 2-day interactive seminar and leave with valuable education and tools to develop or expand a niche practice catering to the unique needs of midlife women.

Dates & Locations

Dates & Locations will be posted below as they become available.

(Pre)Menopause Matters in Physical Therapy (MENOPT)

DatesLocationEarly-Bird Rate Ends:Regular Rate Begins:Registration Link


2017 ElectionResults are in! (43)

Menopause Matters in Physical Therapy: Early Planning for a Healthier Future

Course Description


This 2-day course is designed to put Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants at the forefront of menopause practice.  Menopause is not a disease needing to be cured, but a natural life-stage transition.  Baby boomers represent approximately 25% of the US population with female survival rates higher than male rates, and account for one-third of all healthcare spending.  Menopause is a neglected topic in healthcare, leaving many women confused when making important healthcare decisions.  It is challenging knowing where to obtain accurate information regarding changes in the woman’s body that accompanies menopause.  Physical therapists will learn new skills to meet the needs of this population.  This two-day course will provide therapists with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist women approaching their critical menopausal years to enhance their health, improve their quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs associated with preventable diseases.  Participants will understand the latest evidence related to menopause and treatment options, how to assimilate this information for effective care of their aging, female clients, and how to collaborate with allied health professionals for effective, multidisciplinary care of mid-life women.

Pre-Requisites & Requirements

Open to: Licensed Physical Therapists, and Physical Therapist Assistants,  2nd Year/3rd Year Student Physical Therapists in their Final Year.

Pre-requisites: No course pre-requisites required. SoWH will provide pre-readings and copies of the Power Point Presentations (participant versions) that they can download.

Attendance: Participants are expected to stay throughout the entire course; please make your travel plans accordingly. Deduction of contact hours hours in the course will occur for participants who leave the course early.

Lab Participation:  There is no lab component to this course.  This course will be taught in an interactive seminar format with lots of in-seat activities and no lab activities.

English Language Proficiency: If you are a foreign-educated physical therapist/assistant, you will need to pass the TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) and meet the score requirements. There are some exemptions to the TOEFL requirement for individuals who are exempt under the USCIS regulations. TOEFL scores must be reported directly to SoWH for the purposes of determining eligibility for course attendance. The minimum TOEFL scores we require are the following: Reading: 21; Listening: 18; Writing: 24; Speaking: 26.


Course Schedule & Contact Hours

Please note that this course timeline may be slightly adjusted.

Day 1: 8:00 am -6:00 pm *Registration begins at 7:30 am, class begins at 8:00 am*
Day 2: 7:15 am- 3:45 pm
Contact Hours: 16.0 hours

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to perform the following:

  1. Understand the etiology and health implications of menopause and the latest evidence pertaining to evidence-based treatment
  2. Discuss the risks and benefits for medical management, alternative medicine, and physical therapy management of menopause-related physiologic changes and associated disease processes
  3. Recognize specific challenges related to women experiencing premature menopause
  4. Develop an appropriate exercise prescription based on symptoms and risks to optimize function and promote healthy aging in midlife women
  5. Realize cultural implications and psychological impact of menopause on women
  6. Ability to educate women on evidence-based resources to empower informed healthcare decisions and healthy living


General: Frequently Asked Questions







Bylaws Update

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Bylaws update from CSM!  During our SoWH Business Meeting at CSM, the membership in attendance held a vote and approved 4 out of 6 proposed amendments.  They advised for SoWH to present an updated proposal for the remaining two amendments in the next six months (by August 2018).



These are the 4 Amendments that were approved:

Section 2 = gives PTs and PTAs equal votes at 1 vote each

Sections 1(Annual), 3(Special), 4(Regional) = empowers SoWH Board + Members to hold in-person and virtual (electronic) meetings.  Eases restrictions for Board + Members to call special and regional meetings.

Section 5 (Voting) = confirms equality of PT and PTA voting. Permits electronic voting at virtual (electronic) meetings and at in-person meetings.

Confirms electronic voting.



These are the 2 Amendments where the members in attendance wanted more review and revisions:

Section 1 = Two new board roles are created: President-Elect and Past President. The board size increases to 12 (between 10-15).

Section 2 = President-Elect/President/Past President terms are each 1 year in length. President-Elect automatically succeeds President role.

We will continue to be in dialogue with you our members on this exciting and transformative time, as now our next vote on the remaining two amendments will be an electronic vote by ALL of our eligible SoWH voting members through a virtual/digital meeting.

In the interim, your resource to all resources on the Bylaws Amendments is available here.
*New version of the Bylaws is available to view here.

We encourage you to share your questions, feedback and ideas on the Bylaws Amendments and upcoming second vote through the SoWH Member Care & Share form.







Lab Assistant: Julia Monie, PT, MS, WCS

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Full Name: Julia Monie, PT, MS, WCS
Location: Barrington, IL
E-mail:  [email protected]
Resume: View

JCM3 (1)About Julia Monie

Julia has been a physical therapist for more than 30 years and has had the privilege of working with pelvic health patients for over 10 years. Her practice includes women, men and children with abdominal and pelvic dysfunction and pre- and post-partum women. Julia is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience through mentoring and teaching. Julia is a board certified Women’s Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association and has a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Health through the Section on Women’s Health of the APTA. She is a member of the CAPP-OB committee of the Section on Women’s Health.






Apply for the 2018 Early-Professional CSM Scholarship

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EPSIG CSM Scholarship SoMe Post 2


Send your application to [email protected].






Section on Women’s Health Office Staff Announcements

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Dear SoWH Members, Vendors, Sponsors, and website visitors,


We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Aika Barzhaxynova to Director of Marketing and Business Development and Shanee Hunter to Manager of Education & Technology. 

Aika joined the SoWH 3+ years ago and has advanced progressively in the education department as Program Manager followed by Manager of Education & Technology. She has played a key role during past staff transitions and expanding and standardizing the education program of the Section while wearing multiple hats where she handled marketing, communications, events management, volunteer management and other aspects of SoWH operations. Aika’s passion and skills in creative design, marketing and business development have surfaced and flourished during her work in the education realm which made the next step clear for her to pursue marketing and business development full-time.

Shanee joined the SoWH in November of 2016 as Association Administrator during the months leading up to CSM 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. She has proven herself to be a great team player with a positive attitude which was greatly needed as we headed to Texas for the annual meeting and began a new year with 40+ courses ahead of us. Shanee handled many education-related activities from processing registration applications to handling course shipments and communicating with instructors and lab assistants which made her promotion to Manager of Education & Technology the most logical step.

We are excited about Aika’s and Shanee’s new roles. The reasoning behind these changes was to incorporate titles that more accurately reflected the duties and responsibilities and the growth of the responsibilities under the SoWH staff 

Please join us in welcoming Aika Barzhaxynova to the Director of Marketing & Business Development position and Shanee Hunter to the Manager of Education & Technology position and congratulating them on their promotions.

Please make a note of these title and e-mail changes in your  contact records

Aika Barzhaxynova

Position: Director of Marketing & Business Development

Use E-mail: [email protected]


Teresa Chou

Position: Education Manager

Use E-mail:[email protected]







We are now accepting 2018 CSM Student Scholarship Applications!

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One fully-funded registration to the 2018 Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans is up-for-grabs!!

The Section on Women’s Health sponsors one student each year to go to CSM. One student physical therapist with an interest in the women’s health field will be selected to receive full payment of registration for CSM. (Travel and lodging not included.)


  • Member of SoWH.
  • Complete a two-hour slot at the CSM SoWH booth.
  • Attend the SoWH Business and Town Hall meeting at CSM.
  • Assist the Director of Programming in coordinating opportunities for Student involvement at CSM.
  • Write a 500-word perspective for the SoWH newsletter about the student experienceat CSM.

Selection Based On:

  • Letter submitted by the student reflecting interest, experience, and plans for future involvement in the field of women’s health physical therapy.
  • Letter of recommendation submitted by faculty member at the student’s program. It is preferable,but not required, that the faculty member also be a member of the SoWH.

To Apply:

  • Please submit both letters and any questions to Valerie Bobb at [email protected].
  • Both letters due no later than October 18, 2017.
  • Applicants will be notified of results by October 23, 2017.






Transforming the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy: Reflections from New Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Chiarello (Part 2)

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Evolution is a natural part of all publications, especially those dedicated to sharing the latest research. As the Section on Women’s Health celebrates its 40th anniversary, change is underway for SOWH’s popular Journal for Women’s Health Physical Therapy.

Leading an effort to update the journal’s long-term strategy is new Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Chiarello, PT, Ph.D., MS, an assistant professor of clinical rehabilitation and regenerative medicine at Columbia University Medical Center Program in Physical Therapy. She is supported in this work by an impressive team of four women’s men’s, and pelvic health physical therapists who are generously volunteering as associate editors.

Here, Chiarello talks about the transformation process and the status of evidence-based research in this specialized area of physical therapy.

SOWH: What are some of the challenges for PT researchers today?

Chiarello: The biggest barriers to PT research are the interrelated issues of funding, time and qualified researchers. There is a tremendous need for greater funding of the type of projects needed to advance the profession of physical therapy.

Many physical therapists pursue research in addition to a full academic workload or a full clinical schedule. Accomplishing meaningful research requires the dedicated efforts of qualified researchers with the necessary amount of time and personnel to achieve the goals of the project.

As an academic at a prestigious university, you help prepare the next generation of physical therapists by arming them with the latest knowledge to care for their patients’ diverse needs. What trends or special areas of emphasis do you see emerging from America’s PT schools? Are they adjusting course content and skill competencies to reflect changing demographics, higher numbers of complex cases, a volatile health care system, etc.?

I am continually amazed at the transformation of PT students from their entry into the curriculum to graduation as they become capable, independent clinicians we are proud to have as colleagues.

All entry-level PT curricula are jam-packed with courses for basic and clinical science, as well as professional socialization and clinical education. With our packed curricula, not much room is available for additional fields of study or extras.

With the demanding accreditation requirements of physical therapist education, it is remarkable that each program is able to place its own special signature on its graduates. I do see increasing attention to intra-professional education and service learning, and greater emphasis on clinical reasoning.

Why did you become involved in women’s and men’s health physical therapy?

As an orthopedic clinician and researcher, I have always been interested in low back pain and lumbo-pelvic dysfunction. Pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and post-partum has been delineated as a specific classification facilitating diagnosis and research investigation.

Once it was known I was researching perinatal back pain, some of my graduate students brought issues of diastasis rectus abdominis to my attention. We then began a series of studies on this interesting musculoskeletal impairment.

Chiarello welcomes all submissions for the Journal for Women’s Health Physical Therapy, and author guidelines are here[LINK TO X] Also needed are manuscript reviewers. If you are interested, please email [email protected].

AUTHOR: Cynthia Chiarello, PT, PhD, MS, is assistant professor of clinical rehabilitation & regenerative medicine at Columbia University Medical Center Program in Physical Therapy.







SOWH: Pioneering Women’s and Men’s Health Research through the Foundation for Physical Therapy

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Barbara Connolly By Barbara Connolly, PT, DPT, Ed.D, FAPTA

Just six years ago, Section on Women’s Health leaders and members committed $100,000 to be pioneers and establish the SOWH Endowment for Research Excellence through the Foundation for Physical Therapy.

While other sections have developed funds previously, yours stood apart in its enthusiasm to continuously raise money to increase the size of the SOWH fund to support new investigators and facilitate research and evaluation of physical therapist interventions in women’s and men’s health.

The SOWH should be commended that in a very short time, your fund balance is nearly $150,000. SOWH members have on numerous occasions proven their commitment to the profession:

  • You have a member who has put the foundation in a will, directing contributions to the SOWH Fund.
  • You have members who make monthly contributions, and others who make tribute gifts in honor or memory of someone special.
  • At conferences you answer the call to support physical therapy research by making small and large gifts to support your fund.
  • Not only do section members support your own fund, but you also agreed to help when we asked you to support health services research. Thank you for helping to make the Center on Health Services Research (CoHSTAR) a reality.

In our 37-year history and through the generous support of donors, we have provided more than $17 million in scholarships, fellowships, and grants—enough to jumpstart the careers of 500-plus leading physical therapists. Of those, 17 SOWH members who are researchers have received 10 scholarships and seven grants totaling $148,464.

Our researchers have gone on to receive $755 million in follow-on funding from the National Institutes of Health and other funders. In addition, they have published more than 9,000 scholarly journal articles.

SOWH grant and scholarship recipients are successfully working to improve physical functioning and health in the lives of countless men and women. To name a few, Drs. Meryl Alappattu and Lori Tuttle are striving to improve the level and quality of care in the lives of those affected by pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and urinary incontinence.

Dr. Alappattu, PT, DPT, Ph.D., is SOWH director of research and research assistant professor at University of Florida’s Department of Physical Therapy. She received four foundation scholarships to assist her efforts to understand the neurobiological and psychological influences on female pelvic pain and the effects of inter­ventions and rehabilitation.

Today, she is working to help patients struggling with vulvodynia, chronic pain affecting the vulvar area with no identifiable cause.

Dr. Tuttle, PT, Ph.D., is director of Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Laboratory and assistant professor at San Diego State University School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. She focuses on the aging process and women’s health, and is working to understand the role of muscle and other support structures on pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as the role of rehabilitation on the area. Dr. Tuttle also is a four-time foundation scholarship recipient.

Of all of our accomplishments, 2015 and 2016 have been the most fiscally groundbreaking. Not only have we budgeted to award more than $1 million in 2016 for the first time in foundation history, but last year we also awarded our largest grant ever–$2.5 million–to Linda Resnik, Ph.D., of Brown University to establish CoHSTAR, a multi-institutional center dedicated to advancing health services and health policy research in physical therapy.

Through the support and commitment of donors and APTA sections and chapters, the foundation has assembled a cadre of high-quality researchers to forward the important research needed in the physical therapy profession. Together, we will continue to fund and publicize physical therapy research in the hopes of changing the face of healthcare.

To donate to the SOWH fund, please click here

Author: Barbara Connolly, PT, DPT, Ed.D, FAPTA, is president of the Foundation for Physical Therapy. She also is professor emeritus at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, where she chaired the Physical Therapy Department for 24 years. To learn more about the foundation, visit











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