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Member Highlight: Jennifer Torborg, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Posted on: June 19th, 2018 by Aika Barzhaxynova No Comments


Jennifer TorborgWithin my first semester of PT school, I discovered women’s health/ pelvic floor PT and a spark was lit inside me. I focused many of my research papers and presentations on women’s health topics. I vowed to make sure my peers new what pelvic floor PT entailed so that as they went different directions after graduation they would have a better understanding on what pelvic PTs do. I joined the Section on Women’s Health as a student and attended CSM Chicago and Las Vegas. I continued to soak in the vast amount of information and directions that women’s health PT could take me.

Since becoming a PT in 2014, I’ve worked in rural areas usually as the solo practitioner at a clinic and/or the only one providing pelvic PT services, so having the resources of the SoWH including the journal and the recent email updates has been extremely helpful to me staying on top of current research practices. Over my first three years of graduation I attended all three pelvic courses through the APTA and the OB foundations and advanced courses. I submitted & achieved my CAPP-Pelvic and CAPP-OB.

Being in a rural area has its limitations to reaching all the women that may benefit from pelvic PT services – transportation, finances, childcare, winter storms (I’m in most northern part of Wisconsin), etc – so recently, I decided to start writing a book series on pelvic floor physical therapy with the goal of empowering more women near and far to know their body better. I just self published my first book: “Your Best Pregnancy Ever: 9 healthy habits to empower you in pregnancy, birth, and recovery”. There’s multiple mentions within the book about when someone may benefit from seeing a pelvic PT and links to the APTA SoWH PT locator which has been a vital resource for me helping clients to find a PT closest to them. I plan to cover more pelvic related topics in future books and am currently getting started on my follow up book for postpartum practices.






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