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Submit Your Expenses

Step 1: Downloading the Expense Report Form

If you are a committee member, SSIG representative, or Board member, please make sure to fill out the Business Event Report Form and the Volunteer Expense Report Form if you have been approved by SOWH to travel to outside conferences and events. If you are an instructor, lab assistant, or facility coordinator, please fill out the Education Courses Expense Report Form. Click on the form you want below to download it.


Step 2: Submitting Completed Expense Reports & Receipts

Reimbursement and honorarium checks are processed by the 14th and the last day of the month so we encourage all to submit receipts and expense reports before those two days of the month as we only process payments on those two particular days. If we receive your Expense report and receipts on the 14th or after the 14th, your check payment will be delayed to the next check run at the end of the month. If you submit your receipts and expense report before the 14th, you will receive your check on time via USPS mail within 5-7 business days.


1. Scan/Fax  – OPTIONAL
Although optional, we encourage you all to fax or scan a copy of your Expense Report AND Receipts to our office at Fax # (703) 995-0936 or Scan to [email protected]. This action expedites the reimbursement process so that you can get your reimbursement check sooner and also is helpful in case your receipts/expense report get delayed in the mail or get lost in the mail due to weather conditions. Please note, if you choose to Fax/Scan your Expense Report, your scanned receipts MUST accompany your report. We sometimes receive only the Expense Report or we sometimes only receive the receipts. We can not process a check unless we have both.
You MUST mail ALL original receipts and the original expense report to our office whether you scanned/faxed them or not. The original receipts are required by our annual financial auditors and must accompany your Expense Report form. Please, mail them to the following address:
Section on Women’s Health 
ATTN: Shanee Hunter
8400 Westpark Dr., 2nd Floor
McLean, VA 22102
3. Spending Overages
If you anticipate that you will spend over the limit for travel/per diem, you must notify the Director or Officer of the Board that oversees your position and ask for approval. If an approval request is not submitted before the course/event and you proceed to submit an Expense Report with the overage, you will not be reimbursed for the overage difference – only the amount that was approved for your travel/per diem will be reimbursed. Sometimes, unexpected things happen such as hurricanes, flight cancellations, delays the day before or the day of your event/course. In such cases, it is still your responsibility to contact your supervising Board Director/Officer for overage approval.


All Instructors & Lab Assistants: Please, contact Lori Mize ([email protected] or [email protected]) for overage approval if you anticipate spending above the approved limit. For reference, your spending limit is indicated in your Instructor and Lab Assistant Contracts. Please, make all approval requests at least 2 weeks before the scheduled event.
All Committee Chairs/Volunteers: Please, contact your supervising Board Member for overage approval or if you are uncertain about how much money you can spend on your travel/per diem. Please, make all approval requests at least 2 weeks before the scheduled event.


Key Reminders

  • It is imperative that you save all of your original receipts. Auditors check our finances every year and crosscheck all of the submitted Expense Reports and receipts, they require that we include all original copies of the receipts. Please, submit all receipts within 7-10 days of your event/course so that you get promptly reimbursed and we can account for all of your expenses.
  • Cab drivers sometimes give a blank receipt card instead of taking the time to write in the paid amount. If your cab driver gives you a blank receipt, please make sure that they fill it out fully and indicate the actual amount paid with the tip included.
  • Please, refrain from sending snapshots of bank statements, they will not be admissible as ‘receipts.’
  • For those that rent a car or decide to drive to the event/course, please remember to print out a MapQuest/Google Maps copy of your trip that indicates the miles between your home to the destination and attach to your expense report like you would any of your receipts. Please, remember to do the same for your return trip as well. The reimbursable mileage rate has changed in 2017, please see the Expense Report Form for the new rate.
  • Some of our volunteers save all of their receipts in a dedicated Ziploc bag or in one of their wallet compartments for safe-keeping until they are ready to submit them with their Expense Reports. These are great ways to stay on top of all of your receipts and ensure that none are missing when you mail/scan/fax the receipts to us. We want to ensure that we properly reimburse you for all of your approved expenses. It is easy to forget to save a receipt especially when you are traveling or are busy on-site at the event/course. Having a dedicated Ziploc bag, an envelope, or a wallet compartment are just some of the examples of what has worked well for others in the past.

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