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Research Committees

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Women’s Health Physical Therapy Journal

Editor-In Chief: Nancy Donovan, PhD, PT
Senior Editor: Diane F. Borello-France, PT, PhD

Research Grant Committee

Karen Abraham
Darla Carthcart
Secili DeStefano
Sylvia Mccandless

Poster and Platform Committee

Tracy Spitznagle
Laura LaPorta Krum
Christine Cabelka
Marjorie Gleason
Secili De Stefano

Functional Outcome Measures Work Group

Darla Cathcart, MPT, WCS, CLT
Susan C. Clinton MHS, PT, OCS, WCS
Secili DeStefano, PT, DPT, OCS
Carol Figuers, PT, EdD
Jennifer Hungate, PT, DPT, WCS
Alaina Newell, PT, DPT, CLT
Jessica N. Powley, PT, DPT
Joan Quinonez, PT, MPT, CAPP-OB

WCS Study Guide Work Group

Roberta Stergar as Lead
Nicole Vasquez
Tina Tyndall
Julia Monie
Stacey Head
Victoria Hurwitz
Melissa Eagleton

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