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Early-Professionals Special Interest Group (EPSIG)

CSM Booth Flyers 5x7 (9)Join the brand-new EPSIG (Early-Professionals Special Interest Group). The EPSIG will provide a forum to connect early-career physical therapy professionals from a variety of clinical disciplines that promotes networking and cross-leveling of information. The EPSIG is a collaborative group dedicated to enhancing the opportunities and knowledge of early professionals. The EPSIG strives to effectively bridge the gap between student and career professional. Their mission is to best prepare early professionals within the specialization (0-5 years) through mentorship, networking, information, advocacy and leadership.


EPSIG Objectives

  1. Provide mentorship and  networking opportunities between physical therapist and physical therapist assistant early professionals.
  2. Encourage research engagement and exchange of information pertinent to physical therapist and physical therapist assistant early professional practice.
  3. Promote membership, active participation and leadership of early professionals within the SoWH.
  4. Coordinate activities with the student special interest group (SSIG) to allow for a seamless transition from student to early progressional within the SoWH and APTA.

Volunteer Opportunities

The EPSIG will be holding elections for its Executive Committee. The following positions will be available:

  • PRESIDENT: The President shall be responsible for preparing agendas for and presiding at all SIG and Board meetings; shall report biannually to the SIG membership; and report to the Component in accordance with the policies and bylaws of the Component.
  • PRESIDENT ELECT: The President Elect shall assume the duties of the President at the request of the President or in the absence or incapacitation of the President; and oversee SIG committees as a voting committee member. The PE shall submit an annual report of SIG activities, and membership info to the Component annually.
  • VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall be responsible for developing and proposing to the Executive Committee the SIG’s annual budget plans, that are subject
    to Component approval in the Component’s budget.. The VP shall coordinate with the Component Board Liaison all spending proposals, requests, and activation of finance items from the Component’s budget.
  • DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION: The Director of Administration shall work with the Component Nominating Committee to conduct the election of SIG officers; be responsible for keeping the minutes of all SIG and Board meetings; notify SIG members of the date, time, and place of SIG meetings; maintain the SIG’s archives and correspondence; and make SIG’s minutes and rules and regulations available to the membership.

Interest in EPSIG want to apply for an above position? Complete our interest form.


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