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On-Demand Home Study Modules and Online Courses

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Do not have the money or time to travel to an in-person regional course? Section on Women’s Health offers a variety of on-demand affordable home study modules and online courses that can easily fit into your schedule and budget! Upon registration, participants receive a purchase confirmation followed by an e-mail with access instructions to the home study materials. The courses consist of case samples, readings, a multiple choice test and a certificate of completion upon successful passing of the course.


Home Study Modules

1495754233_storeAvailableContact Hours
ADDLymphedema Management in Women´s Health Physical Therapy3.5 Hrs
ADDPhysical Therapy Management of Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain6.0 Hrs
Physical Therapy Management of Osteoporosis: Prevention & Management4.0 Hrs
ADDMedical Management and Physical Therapy Management of High-Risk Pregnancy4.0 Hrs
ADDObstetrics2.0 Hrs

Online Courses

1495754233_storeAvailableContact Hours
ADDLevel 1: Urogynecological Clinical Evaluation and Treatments2.0 Hours
ADDIntroduction to Male Pelvic Health Part 1: Urinary Incontinence *Offered via USC. Discount codes cannot be applied to this course2.0 Hours

Bundle Savings

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1495752443_giftBundleSOWH Member Fee:Non-Member Fee:Contact Hours Total:
ADDBundle 1
1. Osteoporosis
2. Chronic Pelvic Pain
3. Lymphedema Management
$219.99 $319.99 13.5 Hrs
ADDBundle 2
1. EMG
2. Obstetrics
3. High-Risk Pregnancy
$129.99 $249.99 9.0 Hrs
ADDBundle 3
1. Chronic Pelvic Pain
2. Urogynecological Clinical Evaluation Level 1
$149.99 $219.99 8.0 Hrs
Bundle 4
*NEW* All-in-One
1. Lymphedema
2. Chronic Pelvic Pain
3. Osteoporosis
4. Obstetrics
5. EMG
6. High-Risk Pregnancy
$349.99 $549.9922.5 Hrs

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