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Committee Leaders

APTA BoD Liaison
Jeanine Gunn

Booth Coordinator
Staff Duty

CAPP – Obstetrics Committee Chair
Valerie Bobb

CAPP – Pelvic Committee Chair
Carina Siracusa Majzun

CSM Committee
Julie Weibe

CSM Committee
Karen Liberi

CSM Committee Chair
Sandy Hilton

CSM Coordinator – Assistant
Kari Smith

Educational Review Committee Chair
Cathy Konkler

Federal Government Affairs Chair
Karen Litos


Finance Committee? 
Sarah Haag
Caitlin Brietta McCurdy-Robinson

Membership Chair
Shannon Fox

Nominating Chair
Kendra Erven

Nominating Committee
Blair Green
Kirsten Wightmann
Poster/Platform Coordinator
Pam Downey

Regional Course Site Coordinator
Brooke Kalisiak

Payment Policy & Advocacy
Kelly Huestis

Section Historian -? Amber Miller

Volunteer Coordinator
Karen Connor, PT, MPT

Web Therapy Tips Coordinator
Janice Bryant

Website Committee Member
Sarah Hnath

Website Committee Member
Preet Singh

Website Committee Member
Erin Hytrek

Website Design & Maintenance

Staff Duty

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